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DiverseFlakes - Nutrition Clinic is one of the best Online Nutrition Clinic of its kind in India, which deals with all age groups of women and child's healthy eating habits and their overall well-being. It's an umbrella of Nutrition for Infants, Toddlers, Adolescents and complete Women's health profile.

"You are what you eat from your head to your feet." ~ Dt. Ainee Tanwir

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Providing the best possible start to your health with Medical Nutrition Therapy

The nutrition coaching in DiverseFlakes will make sure to work with mothers and kids both to enhance their cognitive skills through diet, help them to take an authority towards their eating pattern, make them aware about food and food products, food product label reading skills likewise much more engaging tasks.

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An eclectic approach to health

Our goal is to ensure your healthy life

For the nourishment of our champs, it is necessary to keep a check on their nutrition intake. Incorporating nutrient-dense foods for kids is an essential step towards a healthy being.

Women's health is also important in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. The importance of nutrition in improving one's health is undeniable.

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Intuitive eating habits

Introduce intuitive eating habits and honour their hunger

Intuitive eating means you make peace with all kinds of foods. Intuitive eating requires you to stop looking at food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, you listen to your body and eat what feels right for you. Therefore, if the kid is asking for something to eat, give them plenty of mindful nutrition-rich food options for better understanding.

Furthermore, the same argument holds true for women's health. Intuitive eating benefits your body in terms of both physical and psychological nourishment. As a result, instead of forcing yourself to eat, train your body to eat consciously. Once you've established a routine, you're ready to go with your nutrient-dense meals.

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Five essential pillars

Five essential pillars of health for child's and women's healthy nutrition

Foundations, Pillars, and Dimensions are all terms used to describe these structures. They are the components of a stable existence that allow children and women to achieve their full potential. They provide support for your children and women, giving them something to cling to when times are tough.

A vision for your children's and women's health that is based on these five pillars is an important first step. These goals are easily attained by controlling the internal and external environments of a child's and woman's bodies.

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